Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tina has decided to write a novel in the Nano Writing Contest.

In the meantime, here is a taste of something in Hidden Fantasies of Summer.


She feels them when she least expects little
movements of the earth that were the norm in
California. Only here there are no earthquakes...just
tremors when a touch makes both people aware of
whom they are...a woman...and a man.

She likes the way they make her feel...reminding
her that she's a woman...that someone finds her
attractive...that someone would push the envelope if
she would be willing.

Like at the local speedway. When her nephew's car
hits the finish line first just as the flag lowers, and
she is so exuberant. She screams and hugs her
friends and one of them holds onto the hug just a
little longer and they look into each other's eyes.
But then the crowd's excitement takes over and the
moment is gone.


Like at the mall when she runs into a friend from
church. She's not in a dress, he's not in a suit and
tie...just two people in jeans out with their kids...he
has his for the weekend...she has hers. Of course
being teenagers in the same youth program, they
run off together so the two friends grab a cup of
"How has your summer been?"
"Good. Ready for school to start?"
Out of the blue he asks her about seeing a movie
that's been all the rage over the summer.
"No, I haven't seen that."
"Would you like to?"
Just as the kids run up and ask for money to get a
snack and the moment is gone.


Out dancing with the sporting goods
store...a man she doesn't know putting the gas in her
car...all sharing eye contact and a moment of
tremors. Leaning in to ask what her perfume
is...leaning in to remove a piece of lint from her
hair...leaning in for a kiss.


Tremors are good. They make her aware of who she
is and where she's at. They make her feel good
about herself and about life. Light flirtations abound
all around both off and online. Tremors are little
warning signs that something could most definitely
happen if both parties are willing. Tremors are filled
with excitement and a touch of fear...wondering
where it will go and how it will end.

She's not too concerned, though. When one of them
melts her butter...THAT'S when the tremors will
turn into earthquakes!