Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Tina Knows

Tina knows that if you want a guy? You don't chase after him.

There's a guy I like? But so does half the county if not more. So I play it cool. I go on a date with a slightly younger man than myself. The guy I like? Slightly older than me. We are friends and we have a lot in common. However, I've been down this road before...where one of us likes the other more. That's what I thought anyway.

He tells me I'm a busy person, that I stay active because I don't want to be in a relationship. (He's not that smart, either, is he?).

So he calls me up and asks me to go to a club. That night. I tell him no. He said why not? I said because I made a date.

Break it.


He said, fine. I know where I stand. (He said it teasingly...I think)

I go on the date. It's dinner, a nice place. The guy is in his mid-thirties, tall, attractive. You would have thought he was from the fifties the way he treated me with the door openings and the attention. I won't lie. I was impressed.

Then we went to a movie. He put one arm around my seat and held my hand with his other one. He whispered to me, asking if I was comfortable. He told me he loved my perfume. He told me my hair was soft and beautiful. He told me he was glad I had finally said yes to a date because he had liked me for awhile.

We had fun. He dropped me off at home, walked me up to the porch to the sound of my ferocious dog barking through the door, and asked if he could see me the next night. I told him I had a deadline to meet and possibly family over. Since he knows I'm a writer he understood.

He asked for a raincheck. I said yes. A few minutes later, he sent me a text telling me it was one of the greatest evenings he had spent on a date and hoped to see me soon.

I slept good that night. The past has been laid to rest in Tina's world. The present is an open roadd to the future and I am up for the journey.

The next morning, about 10:30, I got a text from the guy I really like. He wanted to know if he could call me. I said yes. He did and asked about the date. I told him it was fun and that we were planning to go out again.

He asked me out. Not just as friends. I told him no for Saturday night. He asked if my writing group was meeting Monday. I said no. We made plans to get together.

We're just friends, though. But still, isn't it a shame that we have to play guy games to get the ones we like to ask us out? Only now? I'm kinda looking forward to the second date with the other guy. We really did have a lot of fun.

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